During the first 6 years of your life, your brain works in very low vibration called Theta Waves. During this period of time, the child doesn’t use the conscious mind. His subconscious mind rules everything and the low frequency allows him to download thousands and thousands of programs from his family and environment. To be a functioning member of a family and of society we need to download such a huge amount of data that our conscious mind isn’t powerful to process all of it. The fast subconscious mind however is able to store all this information and play it back in auto pilot.

The subconscious mind treats raw information and does not have a critical program to question it. Therefore, the subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination. This is why children can experience amazing adventures in the backyard. This is also why your subconscious mind runs programs that are in opposition to your personal aspirations.

The vast majority of the programs that rule your life are not yours. They were downloaded from others, from your parents, from your teachers, from your friends. None of these programs were created by you because as soon as you are able to start creating programs, your brain isn’t working in Theta waves anymore and you can’t turn them into autopilots.

Therefore, the way your mind handles your weight, your relationship to others or your relationship to money was programmed by others. If you were born in a poor environment where money was always a struggle, the chances your own life follow the same rule are extremely high. If you grew up in an environment where people were obese or used food as a compensation for stress, the chances you are overweight are very high. If you grew up in an environment where couple relationships were difficult or unbalanced, chances your own relationships are a struggle are very high.

Whatever your struggle is, it’s not your fault. But now you have a way of fixing it.

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