Even though it might sound like a bad news that the powerful subconscious mind rules 95% of your life, it’s actually a blessing. Imagine if you were able to put programs in it that support your aspiration. Imagine having this super fast mind that works 1,000,000 times faster than your conscious mind working towards your goals in autopilot. Imagine what your chances of success could be if your subconscious mind was working in the same direction as your conscious mind.

This is actually a good news. If you want to lose weight, simply programming your subconscious mind to want a thin body and work on it will help you lose weight as effortlessly as you gained weight over the years. If you want to find the perfect husband or wife instead of always ending up in bad relationships, simply setting up your subconscious mind to want the right type of person will help you meet him/her easily and stray away from toxic people. If you want to make money and no longer be broke or live paycheck to paycheck, simply setting up your subconscious mind to want money and act on it will help you find the right opportunities.

Your conscious mind works at a speed of 40 teraflops per second while your subconscious mind works at a speed of about 40,000,000 teraflops per second. It’s extremely fast. Have you ever avoided an accident with your car and then wonder how you made it? How you were able to react super fast and take a lot of actions to avoid the accident? Well, that’s how fast your subconscious mind works.


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